Rereading Artemis Fowl

With my recent reread of Uprooted, I started to think about the books I really enjoyed when I first started to call myself a reader and Artemis Fowl was the first to come to mind; however, as I began to think of the series, I came to realize that I didn’t remember anything! So I thought, it’s time to see if it’s the nostalgia that is making this series my favorite or if it really was a good read

When communist Russia broke up, Artemis Fowl the First decided that this was his chance to establish shipping lines to the great continent and he invested a great amount of his family’s fortune to the venture; however, to his misfortune, he found himself a target of the Russian Mafia who didn’t want a Westerner meddling into the market. After a missile strikes down the ship he’d been on, he’s presumed dead and Artemis Fowl the Second, his only son, becomes the next head of the family

At only twelve years of age, Artemis Fowl the Second vows to restore his family’s status as billionaires. His plan? To kidnap a faerie and steal their gold. Many a Mud Man had tried to trick the faeries and failed, but Artemis had an ace up his sleeve – his genius

Rating: Pass

Its fact now. If I had to write up a top ten list of books that I’ve enjoyed since I started reading, Artemis Fowl would be on that list. Even though it’s a middle-grade book and is written clearly for a younger audience, I still found myself being impressed with my boy Artemis, the story, and the world of faeries

I’ve loved Artemis Fowl the Second since I first met him so many years ago. I can’t help it, there’s just something about evil geniuses that make me stan them SO HARD. I may also have a thing for characters that are morally grey and Artemis definitely fits the bill. Actually, this was a contrast I was able to see more clearly and even enjoy as an older reader. I’ve always had to constantly remind myself that Artemis is only twelve years old (before and now) but these moments where he thinks about his parents remind me that yeah, he’s just a kid…who also kidnaps people and feels close to nothing about causing others pain…but who also has his own morals against the wrongs of the world. He’s an interesting character and while we got to see a lot of him in this book, it only made me more curious about getting inside his head

Another character that I felt more appreciation for was Holly. As a frequent fandom delver and fanfiction reader, it’s come to my attention that I often lose and even merge certain characteristics and events in canon and fandom. And considering how old these books are, I’m sure you all can imagine how dated some of the fanfiction story themes are in the AF fandom, so yes, I was really glad to finally get to re-meet Holly because she is so KICKASS. Actually, she’s way more stubborn and fiery and rebellious than I remember her being, which is so nice! There are honestly so many things I can say about her but I’ll just say this – she is really someone to admire

I honestly didn’t have much to complain about this book. I felt like everything flowed smoothly, we had enough of Artemis being clever that I am convinced he’s an evil boy genius (please, if it gets too complicated he’s going to lose me!), there were some really great action scenes starring Holly and Butler (the butler), and we even got introduced to much of the faerie world laws and customs

If anything, I have two comments. One, I hadn’t realized that LEP was so underfunded. I always remembered them as being so technologically advanced that Haven looked like Wakanda but when Holly went to the surface to locate the troll, it definitely gave off a different impression. And second, while I loved all the (eherm, important) characters, I also have to admit that they lack something. I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s like when you get offered a ham sandwich and you have this expectation of bread, ham, and veggies but you only get the bread and ham. It’s not bad (I’m a minimalist even with my food, ok) but it’s not at its full potential. However, in this case, that’s okay because this is a series and the character development happens in intervals with each adventure adding to their growth, so yes, my tomatoes and lettuce are on their way if I keep reading!

And if anyone is interested, there is an Artemis Fowl movie about to release! It will be a Disney movie and I have a post scheduled for tomorrow where I react to the trailer

Warning: This book contains an alcohol-abusing faerie, mentions of whaling, a kidnapping, depression, and violence

Let me know what you think!

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