rereading: Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

I’ve been in a surprisingly good reading mood lately. This is the third time I’ve tried to reread the Artemis Fowl series and I’m happy to note that this time I’m on a roll. Beware potential first book spoilers

Ever since the Artemis Fowl incident, Holly has been put on stakeout duty. It’s not exactly being fired from the LEPrecon but it’s definitely where the unwanted and “embarrassments” are placed. One day while “on duty” Holly and Chix Verbal find themselves on the other end of softnose wielding B’wa Kell goblins trying to smuggle away contraband. Nothing too out of the ordinary, after all, that’s what they’re there for, however, after closer inspection Holly realizes that things are more complicated. A Mud Man is involved and she immediately thinks of the only human that knows of the People and that would be foul enough to cause mayhem – Artemis Fowl

Meanwhile, Artemis Fowl has just received proof of what he’d hoped for all along – his father is alive. Unfortunately, his plans of an immediate rescue mission are delayed when Captain Holly Short takes him to Haven City for questioning. While others would call this an inconvenience, Artemis Fowl knows when to seize an opportunity to further his own agenda

Rating: Pass

I have to admit that when reading this book, it was like reading it for the first time. I remembered NOTHING of what happened with the exception of Holly’s thumb, but only because that’s been spoken about a lot in fanfiction stories

But as I sat down to think about what I would say about this book, I realized I was at a loss. I felt like I couldn’t really say too much about it without spoiling the whole story or potentially the first book, since I felt these two books are so closely knit. Even the summary I wrote feels like too much. I guess I consider The Arctic Incident to be more of a part two of the first book than it’s own Artemis Fowl story

The story picks up from the first book of Artemis wanting to save his father. After so many years, there’s finally been a call for rescue and Artemis plans to do just that. In fact, he’s about to pull away from his home with Butler when he’s intercepted by Holly Short, who may or may not have been waiting for a chance just like this one to get back at the boy who tricked all of Haven out of some good chunk of gold

This book was really surprising. I hadn’t realized that Artemis had been taken down to Haven. I may still be feeling a tad MINDBLOWN.

Aside from this stutter I still can’t get over, I really liked this book because it really forces Artemis and Holly to work together. At the start of the book, Artemis is asked by his school therapist about respect and people Artemis respects that aren’t dead. As a typical evil boy genius, he can’t think of anyone, but after this book, he comes to realize that maybe there are some people he respects. Likewise, Holly is filled with resentments from the first book and it’s here that she begins to see the more human side of Artemis, the one she briefly saw right before she left Fowl Manor at the end of the previous book. I guess that without this book to resolve their problems, the next few adventures just wouldn’t make sense

I don’t really have any complaints about this book. I think it was a really exciting story with many things at stake, but I have to admit that maybe I’m a little curious about Artemis’s dad. Since there are two rescue mission attempts happening in such a small book, one of them had to be prioritized. There wasn’t anything technically wrong with the second mission but it felt very quick. Convenient.

Still, I will definitely be rereading this book more often, if only to see Artemis down in Haven City and being pushed around by Holly! To the next book I go

Let me know what you think!

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