A New Spin on the TBR – July 2020 #BookSpinBingo

Returning to book blogging and just the bookish world in general has been one of the funnest things I’ve done this year. In fact, sometimes I wonder why I even took that break! With my return, I’ve gone ahead and become more active on Litsy, which (if you guys haven’t heard of the place before) is basically an Instagram for book lovers to share their bookish photos and short reviews. It’s actually a really neat site and the community is really friendly and tight knit!!

Anyways, with my return, I started to do some digging in the community for some fun events and I found out that The Aroma of Books (Sarah) has been hosting this really fun event where she “helps” you choose what to read next in your monthly TBR. I know, cool right? I always need help otherwise I never start anything!

Now, normally, each month participants make a list of 20 books they want to read (you don’t need to read them all but just 20 books you really want to get to in the immediate future) and we assign each book a number. Then, at the start of each month, Sarah will pick 20 numbers from a jar and we have to read the books in the order that she pulled them. The first three being the more important ones (#bookspin, #doublespin, and #triplespin) HOWEVER, eherm, I recently saw a bunch of bingo sheets moving through my feed and I got curious

Apparently, in the last few months, Sarah has introduced a bingo style bookspin where we can either pick 25 books or use those 5 “extra books” as “free spaces” (since the bingo sheet has 25 slots). Now, it’s already July 22nd and TBH, I have been “playing” since the start of this month, but I’ve just been so slow at finishing the books I start!

On the plus side, I did just pick up some books from the library. Books that are on my bingo sheet, specifically, row G. Although, honestly, none of these books are my #bookspin titles

I did start my #bookspin title, which was “The Bomb” but it was…to put it nicely, boring. I’ve been trying to pick up books relating to the atomic bomb and since that one was a 2020 release, I thought I’d nab that extra bird but I just couldn’t. Maybe that’s why my reading started a bit off this month…

But I’ve been reading pretty consistently these last few days so let’s see how many I can get done in this last week and a half!

My TBR for the next few days are:

  • The Two Lives of Lydia Bird: I’m currently reading this one and hope to finish soon! I’m almost at the half point and if all goes well, I’ll finish up tomorrow~
  • Sex and Vanity: Ok, I got an e-ARC for this through my job but I just couldn’t get into it. I think because of the format. I’m not super into e-books, but now that I have the hard copy, I’m ready to power through it! Also, I’ve heard really good things about this author
  • You’re Not Listening: Another book I’ve had sitting on my shelf for a while. I got a physical ARC of this one and even started and liked it, but then I got into a reading slump. Time to finish it off
  • The Deep: OHHH. I’m REALLY excited about this one. I just really love the cover and have heard good things about this author and it’s…not a retelling, but relating to the Titanic. Sort of like “after Titanic” with some fantasy and spooky elements!
  • Free Space: I haven’t decided what to do with this slot yet. My goal is to finish the four books I just mentioned by this Monday, and if I DO succeed, I’m going to try for a second bingo. IF that happens, I might use this as a free space, don’t read a book. But if I can’t finish a second bingo, I’ll use a random book of my choice for this one

I haven’t really thought about what my second bingo could be. The one right next to the one I’m doing (with Mexican Gothic) is pretty simple. There are two free spaces, which I can use for two read-anything-I-want slots, but then there’s the middle row with THREE free spaces. I would do this one if I didn’t have to hunt down the book Below. Actually, is that one out already? It wasn’t until after I made my list where I sat down and was like, are all of these out already?

For next month I’ll be adjusting how those free spots are used because right now it’s so easy to use them as no need to read anything spots, LOL

But yes, I’ll be binge reading these next few days! What are you all reading right now? Any good 2020 releases you guys recommend? Let me know~

Let me know what you think!

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