August 2020 #BookSpinBingo – Focusing On 2020 Releases

Technically July isn’t over yet but considering a lot of people are already posting their bingo sheets for August, I thought it was time to start making my own! And this time I’ll be walking through the whole process in hopes of better explaining how this whole thing works. If anyone is curious, this event is being hosted by The Aroma of Books (Sarah) and can be found on Litsy using the tag #BookSpinBingo #BookSpin #DoubleSpin and #TripleSpin

So what did I do first? Well, I sat down and looked through my TBR to see what 20 books I wanted to potentially read in my immediate future. I have to admit that was tough, but I narrowed it down after deciding to stick to 2020 releases (my main goal for 2020 is to read as many new releases as possible so that I can write a “Best of 2020” list for my job). The original #BookSpin game only requires 20 titles so I made a list in my journal and then worked on a pretty bingo sheet where I had a few extra spaces that many Littens use as “free spaces”

Ok, I accidentally made the bingo sheet with 21 books, more on that error down below

What are the 20 21 books on my list?

I didn’t want to repeat many of the books from my July list since I want to keep moving forward, but considering I didn’t get much reading done, you guys might notice some books from my July #BookSpinBingo

  1. Crier’s War: Ok, so did you guys hear that Iron Heart, the sequel to Crier’s War is coming out in September?! Cue crazy fangirling noises. I read Crier’s War around the time it came out and was lucky enough to be part of the blog tour for it and while I’d LOVE to add Iron Heart to my bingo sheet, the truth is I don’t know if I’ll even have a copy to read. In that case, I decided to only add Crier’s War because I need to refresh my memory
  2. Artemis Fowl (Spanish): I really need to finish my first foreign language novel SOON and since Artemis Fowl is the simpler of the two I started this year, I decided to add it to my bingo sheet. I’m only on the prologue so I think it’s ok to count it as an August read
  3. House of Earth and Blood: Ok, I have to admit that the Throne of Glass series turned me off from Maas but I also have to admit that the first book was good. So if anything, I’m willing to dive into the first book of this new series and hope all goes well!
  4. The House in the Cerulean Sea: This one was recommended to me by a friend and after reading the summary, I KNEW I had to read it!! It sounds SO CUTE
  1. The Empress of Salt and Fortune: So it looks like this one is a novella so chances are I’ll have to buy it. I feel like the chances of finding it at my library will be low but let’s see how it goes. I chose it because of the cover
  2. Wow, No Thank You: One of my bosses was going crazy over this book so I figured I’d check it out. Besides, I hear she’s funny and all her books are in the humor section, let’s see if I can get a laugh out of this book. I’m a tough cookie to crack!
  3. The Henna Wars: One of the things I’d like to do is read more lesbian stories and when I saw this one I instantly added it to my TBR. I’ve been over high school stories for a while now but this one sounds SO CUTE so I thought, why not?
  4. A Song of Wraith and Ruin: Have you guys seen that cover?! I added it to my TBR for that reason alone but recently I’ve been hearing things on Twitter about it that’s making me want to pick it up sooner! It’s always the controversies that make me curious…
  1. Uncanny Valley: So I added this one for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a short book, second, I have an ARC (even though it’s already been released), and third, the cover is actually interesting. It’s in our store’s biography section and I’ve never heard of this author before but I need some variety so might as well!
  2. The Last Confession of Autumn Casterly: So I got an ARC for this book before COVID-19 closed up everything and I (sadly) never got around to it. I did read an excerpt for it so I know I enjoyed the bit I read and it’s about sisters. I really enjoyed the last story I read about siblings so I hope I have fun with this one too!
  3. The Mermaid, The Witch, and The Sea: Ok, I’m actually REALLY excited about this one!! I don’t usually read pirate stories because, well, I don’t know of many, but this one nabbed me. Pirates, mermaids, and lesbian vibes. GIMMEE
  4. The Girl From Widow Hills: Decided to add this one to my bingo sheet because the cover keeps calling to me, plus, the book isn’t too long and it has that mystery vibe (and I need more mystery reads under my belt!)
  1. Home Before Dark: Speaking of mysteries…someone I follow on Litsy really enjoyed this author’s other book, a pink one that came out last year so when our store got this one, I knew I had to read it. I missed my chance (for now) with that 2019 release but this one is being added to the immediate TBR
  2. Cinderella is Dead: Immediately added this one to my TBR because retellings are my WEAKNESS. Granted, I prefer Beauty and the Beast, but I think Cinderella is pretty cool too!
  3. Invisible Girl: Since I started working at the library, books by Lisa Jewell have been eyeing me and I keep resisting because mystery just isn’t my genre. BUT I think it’s time I finally caved, especially since this is a new release and will count for my 2020 goals
  4. Lobizona: I like to think I read a decent amount of diverse titles but after some thinking, I realized that I have not read (and kind of have been refusing to) read #ownvoice titles that are close to home. I decided that maybe I should change that and so I added at least this title to my immediate TBR
  1. All Adults Here: So I just realized that I’ve had a physical ARC of this book for a few months now, courtesy of my job and I figured I should read it if I got it!
  2. Mexican Gothic: Another title that I added to my TBR to read more #ownvoice titles close to home. I’ve actually been in love with this cover since I found it, not really even knowing what the story was about, but recently I’ve been hearing good things about it so I figured it was a title from my July Bingo that I wanted to actually try getting to!
  3. Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop: Another title I’ve been hearing about recently (because of book tours) and I hear there’s food and I LOVE FOOD. Maybe I’ll feel some cooking inspiration~
  4. Highfire: Even though Eoin Colfer wrote my favorite childhood series, I have to admit that I’ve had trouble really getting into his other series. Then I saw this book for adults and I thought HMMM maybe that’s what I need? I haven’t heard much about it though so not sure if I should expect much…
  5. The Silence of Bones: AHHHH, I ADORE this cover so I knew it was one of the few titles from my July TBR that had to stay (since I didn’t get a chance to get my hands on it). I’m really excited about it, especially after stalking the author’s Instagram and seeing their excitement

p.s. SO I was originally only going to have 20 books since the #BookSpin game only requires 20 books to play but I accidentally added 21 titles to the bingo sheet and posted it on Litsy and I didn’t want to retract my sheet over a tiny error. Besides, I think it would have messed up my “free spaces” and I wanted to keep as few of them overlapping so I could get through my Actual TBR, hehe

Numbers 22- 25: The Free Space Breakdown

With my TBR down, I had to work on the excessive “free space” problem and I ended up making some prompts for myself. Since the event is supposed to be fun and I sometimes (often) find myself deviating from my TBR to read something that randomly catches my attention, I figured I’d make some prompts that would help me fit those random reads into my August TBR. Here are the prompts

  1. A book from my July #BookSpin: I didn’t get through as many books from my July TBR pile as I should have (or planned to) so this will be my excuse to go back to some I really want to read and didn’t add to my August pile
  2. A book that a friend recommended: Ok, recently I’ve been getting a lot of recommendations (guess it’s one of those perks of working with other book lovers, or is it a curse?! Like I needed another reason to have an endless TBR) and I just don’t have the EHERM right excuse to actually read them, especially considering my 2020 reading goals
  3. An e-ARC for a title post-August: This is to help me get through my TBR pile because you know I just requested 40 books and my percentage is down again
  4. A 2020 book my job just received: So we get books on Tuesdays and often they’re books I’ve never heard about. I think this will help give my 2020 reading goals some variety

And of course, the usual Free Space. This one is the REAL freebie space. I don’t have to read a book and it will be placed in the center of the bingo sheet, as all free spaces usually are. With this I’ve taken care of any potential cheating I might have been tempted to do!

So what happens next?

Now I wait! Sarah will be pulling the first two numbers on August 2nd and once she does, I’ll be diving into those reads. Something I’m only realizing now is that I’ve been playing the game wrong this whole time. I forgot that with bingo we have to go by the order of the numbers picked out but for my July sheet I picked which bingo I wanted to aim for and read those books. OOPS. Obviously, I’m not good at playing this game but EHERM, I’ve learned the rules (lol)

And if you guys want to, follow my reading progress on Litsy, my Instagram, or this Twitter thread down below. What are you all planning to read this August? Let me know (because a TBR can never be too long…)

Let me know what you think!

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